Building the Mozalien

16 Aug 2012 - python mozilla

We all love Mozilla Memes, and there’s some of us who like Reddit. Beltzner started r/MozillaMemes a while back and it was kind of painful to manually post each post onto Reddit for upvotes and discussion. It was painful enough, that we stopped doing that after some time. A few weekends ago, I had some free time and I wanted to write something interesting. That’s when I came up with mozalien.

I herd you liek Makefiles

Mozalien is a bot that looks at RSS feed, and posts new posts to a given subreddit. Thanks to authors of python client libraries for Reddit, it even obeys the Reddit rate-limiting rules! I’ll be running it everyday locally to post updates to r/MozillaMemes. It’s still not perfect, for instance, everything posted with mozalien seems to going into the moderation queue and I’m having to clear it manually (that’s still easier that posting the URL to Reddit manually, so I’m going to bear with it for a bit). Suggestions/Patches welcome!