Resume in LaTeX

23 Apr 2015 - tech

In 2010, I used to be an active contributor to Ubuntu and maco showed me her resume once which was a PDF file built with LaTeX. That December, I took inspiration from her, and I think I even started off with her LaTeX files and built my resume on LaTeX. Back then, I was at my first tech job. I’ve been working in the technology industry for 5 years since, but I still continue to use the same git repo and I have the entire commit history of resume since then.

It’s perhaps not for everyone, but I’ve found it extremely useful. The formatting is more or less automatic and I’ve just to make small changes to the data every couple of months. The fact that it’s version controlled means that I’ve got history of all the changes. Depending on the position I’m applying for, I tend to create branches highlighting different parts of my experience.

Here’s a link to a GitHub repo with instructions on building your own resume in a similar style :)

UPDATE: Maco pointed out that the original source for the res.cls is here