A year at OKF!

19 Oct 2013 - work remote

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed! Two trips to Cambridge for the summit, 100+ commits on CKAN and CKAN extensions, contributions to PyBossa, OpenSpending and satellite sites, and innumerable GIFs later – I’ve finished a year at the Open Knowledge Foundation!


It doesn’t seem like time has passed at all. I remember the first call I had with Rufus and making the Salary Converter. Among all the interviews I’ve had, interviewing at OKF is definitely among the top 3.

In the last year, I’ve learned a lot about working remotely and I’m now in love with being a remotee. Managing time better is also something I’ve become far better at than I used to. I’ve discovered that my best time for productive coding is 6 am to 12 pm. Any day that I start at 6 am is bound to be a very productive one; starting later makes me struggle to be productive.

The two trips to Cambridge have been a lot of fun – meeting my colleagues and planning for the 6 months ahead. Plus, it’s the one time I get to actually grab a drink with my team!

On the programming side, the biggest learning has been handling testing better. Thanks to my team, I’ve learned to write new tests and fix the ones I break, though I occasionally run into “how did these tests ever pass” kind of tests though, leading to a fun day of debugging. I’ve also volunteered to own projects in our team that’s leaning towards operations. This has given me a chance to work with Ansible and refresh my packaging experience.

Ever since I’ve started working as a programmer, OKF is the first time I’ve stayed on for a year, and I have to give full credit to my amazing colleagues who’ve made waking up to work fun!