Gluster Summit – Prague, Czech Republic – October

What Makes us Fail – Slides

Open Source Summit – Prague, Czech Republic – October

Don’t Break Production – Slides

Open Source Summit – Tokyo, Japan – May

Open Source Infrastructure: Another Path of Growth for Open Source

Pycon Pune – Pune, India – February

Building Trust in Releases – Video Slides


Open Source Summit – Berlin, Germany – October

Making More Open: Creating Open Infrastructure for your Open Source Project – Slides

Gluster Summit – Berlin, Germany – October

Deterministic Releases and How to Get There – Slides


MozCamp Asia – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – November

Pick Yourself Up Out of the Gutter and Use Vagrant – Slides

PhpCloud – Bangalore, India – July

Deploying with Git and Fabric – Slides

Ubuntu Developer Summit – Budapest, Hungary – May

Lightning talk about Flask – Slides