Category: git

  • Git Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

    I’ve been using `git` for quite a while now and some of it’s features continue to amaze me. Here’s a few things I learned recently.

  • Git and Bash Love

    I’ve recently been working with git a lot, more specifically with branches. I love git’s branching and its fairly awesome. However, its also easy to forget which branch you’re currently working on (especially awful to find that the commits you did were to master :/). Sometime back I did some extensive searching to fix that…

  • Web-based viewer for git

    I’ve been looking for a simple to set up viewer for git that would list out all the git repositories that I have on my git server. It took a bit of a search and I finally discovered viewgit. So far, I’ve found it pretty nice. Setting up viewgit is very simple. Download the tarball…