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  • A Successful Running Week

    A Successful Running Week

    It’s been a long time since I had a week like this week. I make excuses for

  • No space left on device

    No space left on device

    I got paged a bit ago because one of our sites was down. This site does go down occasionally because of an issue with Solr. Usually, it just needs a restart of Solr…

  • I’ve Finally Moved In

    I’ve Finally Moved In

    Last weekend, I bought a bookshelf and day before yesterday, I finally moved my…

  • A review of 2014 and plans for 2015

    Success Writing: I’ve written 30 posts this year compared to 15 in 2012. I’m not great at writing, but it’s getting better. This blog got 7,904 visits this year compared to 3,271 last year. I think it’s a bit of a fluke due to one high-traffic post. I’ve started writing 750 words a day, a…

  • The Address Proof Nightmare

    If you move from one city to another and you don’t have any document proving your residence at your new address, have you really moved? After all, you doesn’t exist unless you’re documented, right?