Category: python

  • Mailman Subscription Spam

    In the last few weeks, a few of us running mailman have been noticing attacks using our servers. Most often we end up being used as…

  • Weird IE8 error. Nginx to the rescue!

    As a server side developer, I don’t run into IE-specific errors very often. Last month, I ran into a very specific error, which is spectacular by itself. IE8 does not like downloads with cache control headers. The client has plenty of IE8 users and preferred we serve over HTTP for IE8 so that the site…

  • Deploying automatically with webhooks

    Recently, we had a project deliverable to setup a repository that would auto-deploy to the staging server. I spent a bit of time getting this right, so I figured it’d be useful for someone else who had to do this.

  • Arrrgh! Tracebacks and Exceptions

    My colleague asked me to take a look at a logging issue on a server last week. He noticed that the error logs had way too little information about exceptions. In this particular instance, we had switched to Nginx + gunicorn instead of our…

  • OKFestival Fringe Events

    The writeup of the OKFestival is very incomplete, because I haven’t mentioned the fringe events! I attended two fringe events and they both were very good.