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  • Gurgaon Cross-Country 10K

    Gurgaon Cross-Country 10K

    Saturday seems like ages ago. I took the metro to IFFCO Chowk, where Souvik picked me up to go collect the bib. The most difficult part of the race is just getting to the starting point. The map marker is basically in the middle of nowhere….

  • Faridabad Cross Country Race and a 10K

    Faridabad Cross Country Race and a 10K

    My running life has been spectacular lately, though it’s paused right now for health reasons. I’ve had two great runs recently that are totally worth talking about. The first one was the Faridabad Cross Country…

  • A Successful Running Week

    A Successful Running Week

    It’s been a long time since I had a week like this week. I make excuses for

  • The long run – Delhi

    The idea was born out of a picture from Reddit that I posted on Twitter during the week. On Sunday morning, I found myself wearing my running gear, all set..