Category: travel

  • Goodbye Bangalore

    It’s done. On September 13th, I said good bye to Bangalore after about 7.5 years of calling it my home

  • OKFestival – Berlin, 2014

    For the first time, I actually attended the OKFestival. I didn’t get to attend many sessions, but the conversations I’ve had are spectacular.

  • Training in Tanzania

    On the last Monday of April, I found myself nervously standing in a room of about 15 people from the e-Government Agency and National Bureau of Statistics in Dar es Salaam. They were waiting for me to start training them in Python and CKAN. I’ve been programming in Python since 2011, but I’ve never actually…

  • Fun in Delhi

    I’ve spent the last month in Delhi, mostly having fun and spending time with friends. Remote working does have the advantage that I can work from anywhere as long as there’s power a…

  • Fossmeet 2014

    On January 24, I got an email from the Speakers Team at FOSSMeet asking me if I would be able to propose a talk. Fast forward to Feburary 13th, I was on…