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  • Discourse For Websites

    Discourse For Websites

    Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing a bit of work with discourse. Here’s a couple of things I learned…

  • How I Got Involved With Mozilla

    There have been a fair number of responses to David Boswell’s post about how he got involved with Mozilla. Most of the responses have been from fairly established contributors and contributing for a while. I thought I’d share my experience since I’ve been around for hardly 4 months now and moderately active.

  • Monkeypatching Django Admin

    When I started contributing to Mozilla Webdev, I started with Input.

  • Launchpad bug titles are everywhere!

    A while back, I wrote about smart autolinkifying in bugs. Last week, at the urging of Brian Murray, I built on top of the work that I’d already done. This time, it grabs all the bug links and sends to the linkchecker and, in addition to the set of invalid bugs, it also returns a…

  • Embedding a terminal with byobu

    The other day I blogged about how I was looking for embedded terminal in vim and found something hilarious. This post is about how I solved what I was trying to do. I know I can do :shell, but that’s quite not what I wanted. Here’s how I got it working the way I want…