• Coffee!

    One of the first things I did when I started working from home was to stop having coffee at home. Coffee tends to hit me when I have it and it has me jumping around all night if I have a cup a little too late in the evening.

  • DevConf India 2017

    The DevConf CZ conference has been going on for a few years now. India got it’s first edition this year in May. I got looped into helping the conference over the course of the month leading up to the conference. The first thing I did was…

  • Pycon Pune 2017

    I haven’t attended a Pycon since 2013. Now that I started writing this post, I’ve realized it’s been nearly 4 years since and Python is the language I use the most. The last Pycon was a great place to meet people and make friends.

  • Gerrit OS Upgrade

    When I started working on Gluster, Gerrit was a large piece of technical debt. We were running quite an old version on CentOS 5. Both of these items needed fixing. The Gerrit upgrade happened in June causing me a good amount of stress…

  • Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017

    I’ve been looking forward to running Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon since May 2015. I took some time in 2015 to train and qualify. I ran 2 marathons…

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