UDS-M Day 3

Day 3 and I’m starting to feel the strain. I wonder how the folks there are feeling. More drained perhaps?

Community Roundtable

This was the first session that I attended and we were just having a generic discussion mostly. I was writing a blog post during the time, since it was mainly just voicing out the concerns that people have had to Jono. I believe the issue of the Ubuntu mailing list vs launchpad mailing list was discussed, and who to contact for what. Jorge was like, “Oh, I’m supposed to deal with mailing list requests, ok. Thanks for telling me. Never knew.”

Improve Harvest Usability

Daniel Holbach has been working on a new harvest based on a Django back-end. Unfortunately, I lost power in between and missed the last half of this one and the first half of the next one.

Packaging Docs update and initiative

I got power only halfway between the session, but well, I joined in immediately. The action plan from this list is just awesome! Lots of great people volunteering to help revamp all the pages and information. We would really have this awesome set of docs. One actions decided was to put all the stuff into an LP project so that bugs can be filed against them – this is way too cool!

Community Maverick Mootbot

Alan Bell was presenting his Mootbot UK project. I’ve seen this bot being used in UW meetings and its pretty awesome. Alan talked about the efforts he put in (and what part sucked). He’s got a good list of wishlist stuff for him to do. Go Alan!


We didn’t have audio initially for the plenaries unfortunately. Thank you IS Team for looking into it. I only know Chris Jones (Ng) and James Troup (elmo) from IRC, and I’d like to say, you guys rock! We got the audio back after the first 2 plenaries. Alan Bell and James Tatum rocked us with pictures and transcribed the text. Thanks both of you for helping us out. Bruno Maag talked about the new ubuntu font and its development. It was waaay to cool. He was an absolute font geek and I was totally impressed with the presentation he gave. Even better, we had more font geeks asking some super cool questions (I didn’t have a definite idea of what they were talking about in the Q&A time).

Reorganizing and Reviving the Ubuntu Accessibility Team

Penelope has been talking about this for quite some time and I took part in this session because I was guilty of not helping out then. I’ve agreed to redo their wiki pages, since its something I do how to do. I’ve done this from-the-scratch team wiki for the Reviewers Team before, so this should be easy. Charlie has also volunteered to help me. We first started by discussing what we have and then moving to what we want. We’ve agreed that this team can rock, but we just need to help people to find out about this and improve the documentation we have.

Patch Review Process Review

This session was something I’ve been looking forward to. I was pretty sure the docs had some holes and Stephan has volunteered to help me out with the “timing” issue that I’ve been having making clear. I needed an experienced Ubuntu Developer to help me out in this part. Again a bunch of actions assigned to rock the team. Benjamin is going to work on a script to apply the patch and push it onto a PPA, which would be rocking.

Patch Review Initiative

We started by Sense talking about Mergimus and how it can help patch review. Emet and Jono talked about how to bring more people to do this. We eventually decided on a Project Cleansweep to clean up all the bugs with patches by the release of Maverick (they initially wanted to call it Project Babu, thankfully, they renamed.. phew). I look forward to this project. We’ve also decided to work the patch review into the Adopt an Upstream project. I just discovered that I’ve been assigned to lead the activity to clear the backlog and generate identity for team, wow! My display crashed at the end of the session and I had to shutdown. Phew, its getting more draining as the days pass.

All in all, lots of things to do and lots of rocking stuff going to happen this cycle. Remote participation has been awesome so far. Wednesday night was the Ubuntu Women dinner and I’m sad I missed that, but well, I get to participate without any jet lag 😉



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