7 things about me

For the first time, I’m doing a meme! Unfocused tagged me and here it goes.

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7 Things

  1. I live in a half-hour timezone. If you think timezones suck, trust me, half-hour timezones suck even more. Every calculation needs just a bit more time so that you don’t get it wrong. My sleep cycle is mostly UTC though 😉
  2. I’ve only been involved with open source for less than 2 years. But I’ve contributed code to Ubuntu, Debian, Etherpad, Launchpad, Mozilla WebDev, and Firefox in this time.
  3. My cellphone can do calls, texts, and radio. That’s it. It has worked for me for the past few years, and continues to serve me well.
  4. I lost my cellphone in the middle of the road and got it back. Yes, my phone fell out of my pocket on the way to work one day. Someone found it, called the last dialed number (my parents), found where I was working, and dropped it off at the office! My friends, however, joke that even someone who found the phone on road don’t want to be caught dead with it .
  5. I read a lot and own a lot of books. In fact, when I get my own place, I most probably will have a room just for books.
  6. I walk to work. I have friends who work from home, so you folks will not think this is great, but my friends with an hour long commute will know how precious being able to walk to work is. Walking to work, and taking my bike almost results in the same time due to traffic anyway.
  7. In December, I will have completed 5 years of having started a working life. Looking back to my first job to where I am now, I cannot even think how I landed up this way 🙂

7 People

I’m tagging the following people – aditseng, davedash, devrat, geohacker, suryajith, Xiaozhuli, and zainabbawa.






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