Geektionary, Julython, and BrowserID

It’s been quite a while since I blogged, more than 6 months or so. Between a family emergency in December, then switching to a Macbook since Jan, and then jekyll not working properly on it (entirely due to my lack of ruby knowledge/experience), I never found the time. Hopefuly, I’ll have more time in the coming weeks (yeah, right :P). On Sunday, I noticed Julython pop up in my twitter feed. It’s an event about encouraging developers of all skill levels to try and work on their pet project (s) just a little each day, in this instance specific to python-related projects. This reminded of a project I started a while back to get a hang of MongoDB called Geektionary. I spend some time plotting and it seems like a perfect fit to do a Julython project. I get to learn lots of new things and start a project from scratch to finish on my own.

At work, we use Flask all the time, but we have our own boilerplate for our Flask apps. For Geektionary, I’m using the large app how-to on the Flask wiki. I made some modification to that example and already got something basic up and running. The change I’ve made is to change how configuration is handled, I’ve always liked to have a base settings file, and then a local file overriding it. Thanks to Julython, I think I’ll be working on Geektionary a little bit each day to make a final product that allows login with BrowserID and all that jazz 😉

Speaking of BrowserID, another thing I want to do over this July, if I have time, is to port mkelly’s django-browserid to Flask. It is non-trivial because I need to support multiple DB backends somehow. I have a basic idea of what I want to do in my head, I’m just hoping to find some time to punch it out into code.






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