Hello Kobo!

I was in the UK for 3 weeks recently, and I “made the mistake” of walking into a WHSmith bookstore. I still haven’t built up the necessary self-control to walk into a bookstore and walk out without buying a book. In this instance though, I actually did walk out without buying a book. Instead, I bought a KoboTouch. I really had no intention of buying one when I walked into the store, I was only going to look at it. Eventually, though, a combination of a really friendly sales person, reasonable pricing, and common sense won out; and I walked out with the KoboTouch, a case, and a light. Common sense, because I’ve almost run out of space for physical books. It’s been a little over 3 weeks since I’ve bought the Kobo and I’ve read for a total of about 60 hours and finished 9 books. I think I might have a problem 😛

Kobo Touch

I downloaded a few books from Project Gutenburg, mostly classics, that I wanted to re-read. I hate to admit it, but I ended up pirating a few books too because, some of the books were simply priced too high . I could buy it from Amazon for a cheaper price, but they would be DRM’d. While music is most available to be bought DRM-free, ebooks aren’t there yet. How I wish I could I could compare prices on multiple providers and buy from the one that has the cheapest. I think I can buy books from any provider that sells epubs with Adobe DRM, but I’m yet to risk it. I’m sure over the next few months, I’ll buy at least one book each month. Definitely more often than I used to before I owned the Kobo since buying is so easy.







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