US Visa Acquired!

I’ve been a little tensed about my upcoming travel to Santa Clara for the Mozilla Summit in October, because the last time I applied for a US visa, my application was denied. Today, my visa application was granted! I’ll be in Santa Clara in October and I hope to meet my mozillian friends as well other friends who live in SF (looks in the direction of pleia2).

Visa interview in progress, Consular officer guides an applicant to be fingerprinted. (Photo by U.S. Consulate General, Chennai)

Yesterday night, I spent about 20 minutes indexing all my documents neatly with Post-Its and sorting them by the order they might be asked. The visa officer didn’t ask to see any documents. He asked me about my travel, why I was traveling, who was paying for it, why Mozilla was paying for it, about my current job and salary, and if I’ve traveled out of the country before. At the end of it, he said, “We’re done. Have a good trip.” It took me a while to get past the shock, but yay! It’s going to be great fun and I look forward to hanging out with everyone 🙂






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