Hello Again, Hospital

I seem to be having a not-so-good time health-wise. First, I decided to celebrate getting…

I seem to be having a not-so-good time health-wise. First, I decided to celebrate getting paid by ordering a pizza last month. My body doesn’t seem to like unhealthy food, because I was throwing up the next morning. I tried to drink water and have an anti-vomit tablet, but that didn’t help. When I got to the point where I couldn’t keep down water, I had my friends take me to the hospital. The doctor in the Casuality gave me an injection and started me on IV fluids. I think I slept for some time and when I woke up, I threw up again. At this point, the doctor asked me if I wanted to be admitted overnight and I agreed it was a good idea.

By morning, I finally stopped throwing up. The doctor wanted to keep me for a few days because my creatinine levels were a little high and kept increasing. At that moment, to be honest, I didn’t understand the seriousness of what was happening. When I asked him if he’d let me go that evening, he said my kidneys weren’t functioning well and until that became normal, he wouldn’t send me home. I ended up staying from Wednesday evening until Monday evening, getting lots of IV fluids and drinking lots of water. The final diagnosis was that I was extremely dehydrated and this affected my kidney function briefly. When I was discharged, my doctor said I was very lucky to avoid dialysis. That’s when I understood the seriousness of what happened.

Hospital de la Cruz Roja de Vigo

The next day, I flew to Kerala to spend some time with parents so I didn’t have to cook for a few days and my parents would have some relief on seeing me. That’s when the second incident happened – I had a seizure, for the first time that I know of. I don’t remember much of Wednesday except turning off the alarm. When they got me to the hospital, they gave me enough injections that I was out until evening. I woke up around 7:30 pm in the Neurology and Stroke ICU. I had brief memories of being near the MRI machine, my aunt standing at the edge of my bed, and another aunt telling me something. I didn’t even realize I was in the ICU until the patient in the bed next to me told me.

Later, my dad came and talked to me. That’s when I understood what happened. I was under observation for one night and I was, to be honest, extremely bored. The nurses in the ICU were friendly, but most patients were sedated so I could just look around and watch them work. I stayed in the hospital from Wednesday until Saturday this time. After all the tests, the neurologist advised me to take more rest and stress less, and I was otherwise okay. Sigh. If you don’t see me around like you used to, now you know why 🙂

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