A Migration Plan

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be migrating away from Google Apps. I’ve made an action plan I’d like to share in case more people want to use it. I’ll add updates and followup posts as it goes.

  1. [Done] Sign up for fastmail.
  2. [Ongoing] Move all the Gtalk contacts to Jabber on fastmail.
  3. [Todo] Set up ownCloud for docs, contacts, and calendar.
  4. [Todo] Copy documents, contacts, and calendar entries to ownCloud.
  5. [Todo] Setup mutt to use with fastmail.
  6. [Todo] Archive emails from gmail.
  7. [Todo] Turn lights off at Google Apps account.
  8. [Todo] Set reply-to headers for gmail.com account to fastmail account.
Bye Bye

I picked FastMail as my provider, but I’m hoping to post what I did for any provider. I’m also hoping to have gpg signing and encrpytion handy in case I want to send encrypted emails.

Bye bye my friend! by Andy Woo on Flickr. CC-BY-NC-SA.



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