Day Breaker Half Marathon

Though I don’t drink beer, the idea of a long run ending with beers sounded pretty fun 🙂 I think I originally signed up for the event because I wanted some fixed long runs leading up to my first half marathon. For the first time, I actually drove to the venue myself (and briefly got lost along the way). This run was quite crowded compared to the last few runs – I suspect the beer was an actual attraction for quite a few people plus the route is completely on road, a good training run for the upcoming big races (cough ADHM cough).

The race start was a bit of a confusion. I suspect most of us started from beyond the starting point, which is why everyone measured about 100m to 200m off from their actual target distance. The route was gorgeous, thankfully, with no rain. The humidity was spectacular (by which I mean awful), I’m pretty sure my clothes were soaked with sweat in the first 2 km or so. I liked that there were volunteers controlling traffic along the way. The looks on drivers’ faces were priceless 😀

I started slow and picked up over the course of the race, though I did something wrong somewhere – I was completely out of energy at around the 8 km mark. Being on antibiotics didn’t help with energy levels I’m sure. For some reason, I had in my head that the ADHM cut off is 1:08, so I was targeting finishing in that range. (If you’re wondering, the actual cut off is 1:22). Eventually, I found someone who was running slowly and kind of tried to keep a pace just behind him, which helped. Eventually I set a PR at 1:09. My last 10K record is 1:14, however, since the course was off by 100m or so according to Strava it doesn’t get marked in my Strava stats. At the end of the race, I was so exhausted I could hardly stand up or even hold my phone. It took a good 30 minutes to recover properly.

With this race, I’ve finished 60 km this month and 222 km this year. Hopefully, I’ll manage to hit 80 km for the month and 500 km for the year.






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