Locked In

Last week, I had the funniest thing happen to me. The maid came home when I was cooking. She was pretty distracted and when she left, she bolted the door from outside. I work from home, so there’s often no need to step out of the house for the entire day. I didn’t discover that I was locked in until the next morning when I tried to step out to keep the garbage bin out.

I didn’t want to bother anyone since I had food in the house and there was nothing I needed urgently. Of course, I understand this is a fire hazard, but I figured the maid would come later in the day and unlock me. I later called her and realized she wasn’t coming. I had to call my significant other to open the door. Goes on to say, sometimes the Princess needs to rescue the Prince from the locked tower (I do live on the 4th floor and there’s no elevator).






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