Yearly Review


  • Run: As I’ve written before, this year has been a spectacular success with running. I’ve run 800 km and I’ve just bought a cycle. Here’s to more exercise! This years goals are 2000 km of running, 3000 km of cycling, and to finish one full marathon.
  • Read non-fiction: I’ve read a few non-fiction books so far and they’ve been enlightening. This year, I’ll try to add reviews of books I read. I’ll be picking up a lot of books based on recommendation from Farnam Street Blog. This year’s goal is simple, for every 3 non-fiction books, I can read one fiction 🙂

Not Quite Success

  • Learn C and JavaScript: I didn’t manage the time to squeeze this into my schedule. I did manage to build some things with JavaScript, so it’s a partial win. I will most probably abandon this in favour of learning Rust or Go.
  • Cut down servers: When you need automation for personal servers, you know it has gone too far. I’m back down to just two servers these days. This is how far I can go without causing serious outage to how I do things.
  • Study: I’m still yet to complete a MOOC course successfully. This one is a challenge for this year to go along with my actual studies.
India Gate, my favorite part of Delhi

New Challenges

  • Accounting: Last year, I finally got down to getting a regular accounting habit. This year, I’d like to push that to keeping accounts and sticking to budgets.
  • Cooking: I’ve been trying (and failing) to cook more and eat restaurant food less. I will be tackling this in a slow and steady manner 🙂
  • Android Development: I’ve been using Android for a while and I haven’t yet build anything for it. This year, I’ll be experimenting on building a few apps for personal use, nothing big for sure.

Image Credit: Delhi, India Gate by Arian Zwegers on Flickr.






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