Pycon Pune 2017

I haven’t attended a Pycon since 2013. Now that I started writing this post, I’ve realized it’s been nearly 4 years since and Python is the language I use the most. The last Pycon was a great place to meet people and make friends. Among others, I recall clearly that I met Sankarshan, my current manager, for the first time there. Pycon Pune is also the first time I’m speaking at a single track event. There’s something scary about so many people paying attention to you and making sure they’re not bored.

The venue for the event was gorgeous (as evidenced by the group picture that nearly looks photoshopped!) and the event was well organized, I have to say. My only critical feedback is a space outside of the main conference area for a hallway track. The auditorium had air conditioning and everyone went in thanks to it. If we had a little bit of space with power and air conditioning that you could use if you wanted to have a conversation, that would be highly beneficial. I like attending large events, but sometimes, the introvert in me takes over and I want to spend more time either alone or with less interaction. Linuxcon EU was great about this, going so far as to have a quiet space, which I found useful.

I had trepeditions about my talk. It wasn’t exactly about solving a problem with Python. It was about problems I’ve faced throughout my career and how I’ve seen other projects solve them. Occasionally, those problems or solutions were related to Python, sometimes they were related to my work on Gluster, and often to Mozilla. I’m glad it was well recived and I had a lot of conversations with people after the talk about the pains they face at their own organization. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t practice what I preach. We’re still working on getter our release management to a better place.

Some of the memorable sessions include – Hanza’s keynote about his open source life, Katie’s talk about accessibility, Dr. Terri’s talk about security, Noufal’s talk about CFFI. All videos should be online on the Pycon Pune channel, including mine.







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