Resetting My Running

2017 was admittedly not a good year for running. Mumbai is a great city, but I couldn’t find the time or the space to get my running in the rhythm it used to be in the previous season. I loved the long runs in Mumbai. It was amazing to run on Marine drive or to run with the Mumbai Road Runners. But the daily easy runs never happened and I fell off the wagon. This year, the first book I finished reading is Daniels’ Running Formula. If you’re starting out running or somewhere in the mid-level where you feel stuck, I fully recommend you read this book. It’s oriented towards fast runners as well as beginners. It gives you a great amount of foundational knowledge of running and workouts. For instance, it explains what the different kinds of workouts do and how they help you become a better runner. This means you know exactly why you’re doing a specific speed workout.

I’m resetting my running training from this month. I’ve gained weight almost to the exact point when I first finished the C25K plan. Instead of restarting C25K, I’m starting with Jack Daniels’ White Plan. It’s meant for people who’re absolute beginners. I’ve checked my VDOT and I’m starting with a VDOT of 25.6.My goal this year is to build this up. I’m going to be running ADHM, but I plan on racing very little otherwise. I’ll be doing 10Ks if I’m racing. I plan to work through a few of the beginner plans to build up my mileage and VDOT. This year, I’m focusing my running on actually being fitter and less to do with running running races or pace. I want to build a habit of waking up every day with a run.

The White Plan has me running easy for the most part with walking breaks in between at a pace that’s getting more and more comfortable as I keep repeating the workout. This year, I have a modest goal, set a habit of running every week 🙂






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