Welp, I ran out of passport pages

In 2007, when my first passport expired, I didn’t bother applying for a new one. I don’t really travel all that much, what’s the point of doing a whole bunch of paperwork for nothing. Fast-forward a few years, I couldn’t apply to travel to a UDS because I didn’t have a passport. That’s when I applied for a new passport. When I got the passport, I really just wanted to go to UDS. I believe the first visa I applied with this passport got denied as well 🙂 It’s been 8 years or so since I got this passport. I’m now out of pages. All of my empty pages have been taken up by visas and passport stamps. I have a few pages left but not enough continuous pages to get a new visa.

Flipping through the pages, I’ve traveled to Hungary, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Kenya, Tanzania, Germany, USA, and Czech Republic, and Ireland. There are stories about a few of the visas and the trouble I went through to get them. In fact, every single visa involves, on average, at least 16 hours of paperwork that I’ve done per visa. Some countries require more and some countries less. The visa that I’ve often been most nervous about getting on time has been UK. The visa that I found easiest to get was Kenya. Kenya is among the few countries that has visa on arrival for Indian citizens.

It’s been a ride for the last few years. I’m hoping that the next passport doesn’t fill up before 10 years 🙂






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