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  • Quick SOCKS proxying with ssh

    Quick SOCKS proxying with ssh

    This is mostly relevant for *nix users. OpenSSH has a feature that lets you setup a SOCKS proxy pretty easily. This helps work around blocked sites without too much setup overhead.

  • Dino Cufflinks

    Dino Cufflinks

    Recently, in a moment of weakness, I made an order on Etsy for custom cufflinks. I had no idea how it would turn out, so it…

  • Non-unified Builds on Try

    Last week, I was trying to fix a non-unified build bustage with glandium’s help and I kept failing to fix it in mozilla-inbound…

  • Mozlandia – The rest of the work week

    I remember arriving in Portland pretty clearly and I remember leaving. But the days in between? They’re a complete blur. It involved so many meetings and so many people.

  • Mozlandia – Arrival

    Portland. The three words that come to mind are overwhelmed, cold, and exhilarating. Getting there was a right pain, I’d have to admit. Though, flying…