Category: python

  • The Migration – Part I: Database

    I recently had to migrate a bunch of databases from MySQL to PostgreSQL. This is the process I…

  • The Making of the Equivalent Salary Calculator

    I spoke to Rufus Pollock from OKFN a week ago and he encouraged me to try one of the Get the Data challenges. I decided to build the equivalent salary converter since I’d always been curious to have some way to equivalent salary based on cost of living. What’s the data I need? The first…

  • Building the Mozalien

    We all love Mozilla Memes, and there’s some of us who like Reddit. Beltzner started r/MozillaMemes a while back and it

  • Geektionary, Julython, and BrowserID

    It’s been quite a while since I blogged, more than 6 months or so. Between a family emergency in December,

  • Write more beautiful python code

    Contributing to more Python projects like Launchpad has also taught me about writing PEP8 compliant code. One is expected to run make lint and fix lint errors. A major part of the code I write at my day job consist of scripts, which I most often prefer to write in Python (second only to bash).…