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  • Have you fallen prey to misconfiguring Nginx?

    Ever googled for Nginx configuration? For example, how to redirect

  • Please nitpick

    Please don’t rubber-stamp my reviews. Nitpick. Nitpick a lot.

  • User Days Poll

    User Days were created to be sets of classes offered during a one day period to teach the beginning or intermediate Ubuntu user the basics in order to get them started using Ubuntu. User Days were born out of a discussion at the Ubuntu Developers Summit in November 2009 regarding Ubuntu Open Week not being…

  • Launchpad bug titles are everywhere!

    A while back, I wrote about smart autolinkifying in bugs. Last week, at the urging of Brian Murray, I built on top of the work that I’d already done. This time, it grabs all the bug links and sends to the linkchecker and, in addition to the set of invalid bugs, it also returns a…

  • Some new improvements to Launchpad

    I’ve been hacking on Launchpad for a while now and I’d like to announce some of the new things I’ve added. The first 2 are in production now. The last two, however, will need a few more days to get into production. Smart autolinkifying in bugs As evident from the screenshot, it greys out the…