Some new improvements to Launchpad

I’ve been hacking on Launchpad for a while now and I’d like to announce some of the new things I’ve added. The first 2 are in production now. The last two, however, will need a few more days to get into production.

Smart autolinkifying in bugs

As evident from the screenshot, it greys out the bug if the bug does not exit (or is private). I wrote in detail about fixing this earlier.

Invalid bugs are greyed out

UTC offset along with timezone

We now go the extra mile and display the UTC offset as well to help in some play plan out meetings, etc.

Timezone also shows UTC offset

Edit sprite for attachments

Long time frustration of mine. The edit URL for attachments is in a portlet on the right side, not easy to spot. Once this fix rolls out, however, it will be much more friendlier.

Edit sprite for attachments

Better blueprints validation

Earlier, I’d just get a ‘… is already registered by another blueprint’, this fix, once rolled out, helps ease out and find that blueprint.

Blueprint validation

To repeat again, the last two fixes are not in production as of me writing this post. Perhaps by next week or the week after, it should be.







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