Landing with tarmac

I heard about Tarmac a few weeks ago when Shane mentioned it in one of his intern diary blog posts. At that point I didn’t actually look into it much since I thought it was something that’s internal to Canonical. Last week, Michael Hall told me about Tarmac again and how they use it to land branches. This time though, I could grasp what it was since it sounded to provide a functionality Launchpad’s PQM. Every time Tarmac is run, it checks for approved branches that are ready to land. If it finds that they satisfy the conditions (optional) that are defined in its config, it lands them. (It can do more, please read the documentation for that).

I’m now running Tarmac for both Loco Team Portal project and the Summit project The really cool commitmessage plugin allowed me to define how each commit should look. I’ve formatted it in a way easy to figure out how did the review and who authored the change, and which bugs it fixed. If you want to see how it looks like, checkout the last few commits for summit. I did find a bug in tarmac documentation for which I now submitted a merge request 🙂

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