Summit improvements and bug fixes

‘If I do that, I might break Summit!’

That’s something often heard at UDSes by organizers. Indeed, Summit has historically had stability issues, especially during the high-usage week of a UDS. But Summit is starting to outgrow it’s troubled youth, gaining better code, better testing, and most importantly, more stability.

The Summit team, consisting of Michael Hall, Chris Johnston, and I, has been hacking on Summit much more this cycle than ever. We even had a few new contributors this cycle. Our focus this cycle was to make it more stable first, and then more usable. There are lots of UI fixes that people have requested. We only haven’t gotten to them because we want Summit to be very stable this cycle. If you’d like to help us make Summit more awesome, please file bugs on things that you think Summit should do or places were Summit sucks. We can’t promise anything, but its great to nail down things we should fix.

The Summit team has fixed a whole bunch of bugs this cycle. Big shout out to Chris Johnston and Michael Hall for setting the speed of development early on. Before I reached home back from UDS, there were I think 4 MPs for Summit (!?!). We’d also like to thank Maris Fogel for helping us setup a test framework. We’d like Summit to be more stable and having unit tests drives us in this direction.

We’ve been busying making Summit much more awesome!

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