Moving On

It’s been about 10 months since I’ve started working at HasGeek and it’s been an amazing few months. I’ve been part of 4 amazing conferences, a workshop, and a bunch of Geekups. Among other things, I’ve written code, organized content, and edited videos. It’s probably the most intense job I’ve ever had.

Bow Valley Parkway Ice Road by Matt Seppings on Flickr

When I joined HasGeek last year, I’d committed for a minimum of 6 months. After 10 months at HasGeek, I’m moving on. I’m very exicted to announce that starting Oct 2, I’ll be working for the Open Knowledge Foundation a Data Wrangler and Web Developer! I’m very excited and looking forward to working with the amazing folks at OKFN. As Sunil pointed out, I’m now in the non-profit sector 🙂



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