Mozcamp – Day 0

Hello from Mozcamp Asia! I’ve just gotten back from the welcome event at Mozcamp. It’s been great to meet friends I’ve talked to on IRC or met at last year’s Mozcamp, and make new friends who’re at this year’s Mozcamp!

I was at The Hub today morning after checking-in at the V-Hotel. Top priority today was setting up B2G on my laptop. I messed around with it for hours to finally learn, to great frustration and disappointment, that B2G on the linux desktop doesn’t work on Ubuntu 10.04. I know I can upgrade, but I really don’t want to do that in the middle of a conference. Well, looks like I’m not going to accomplish that Mozcamp Mission until I get home 🙁

Later, I was at the Scape, which is the venue for keynotes and a bunch of us had volunteered to help organize the swag bags. It was great to work with Mozillians and do small things to help with the event 🙂 I was going to head over to The Hub right afterward, but then it started raining quite heavily! Of course, it’s Singapore! We’re going to hit this problem quite a few times over the next few days, it should be absolutely fun! (Although, I hope nobody falls sick). I went right back in and had a long and interesting chat with Mike Connor and Harold about Social API.

At 7, we had the Mozcamp registration and welcome party – an absolutely fabulous time that involved meeting lots of people, eating good food, meeting my Mozcamp buddy (Amy Tsay!), and of course, the country fair. The country fair was a great way to chat with everyone and kind of get semi-familiar about names to faces. Unforgettable moment of the day: Watching Foxeh and Mozillians dance to Gangam style.

PS: I’m trying to write a blog entry for every day of Mozcamp. I may or may not be able to pull this off, but I’m definitely going to be trying!






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