CIS Anniversary and Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema

Centre for Internet and Society celebrated their 5-year anniversary with an exhibition at their Bangalore and Delhi offices and a series of talks in Bangalore. I was there on Tuesday and managed to spend some time at the exhibition and attend the talks.

The exhibition showed off some of the work that CIS has been doing and the work of several independent artists. The bits that are particularly in my memory is Tara Kelton’s work as well as Sharath’s work.

Later in the day, Lawrence Liang talked about the Encyclopedia of Indian cinema. It was a very interesting talk, especially for me since it encompasses open data, open source software, and copyright issues! A convergence of a lot of my interests 🙂 Lawrence talked about what they’ve built and the problems they’ve faced and how internet as a medium for a film encyclopedia is very powerful, but is limited by the legal issues surrounding copyright laws.

Indian Cinema

Indian Cinema Wiki

On that note, I’ll close with this video about copyright.

I know Disney is great, but I’m not sure I like them as much after this video.



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