A couple of weeks ago, I requested L3 access as part of my Sheriffing work and my request was granted. I think I’ve totally jinxed things since then 😉

The tree. IT'S BURNING!

The first Sunday afterward, we had a patch that was landed into aurora inadvertently causing massive spike in crashes. I saw it myself and suspect that my copy was corrupt and downloaded the latest! Of course, to no avail. I finally noticed the right bug and Kairo was looking for someone to back it out. I backed it out and triggered a rebuild which fixed the issue.

The next Saturday, we had mobile imaging failures. This one was fun fixing, I talked to Nick Thomas and Chris Cooper on the phone. All it needed was one command, but it took us some time to get there 🙂 But hey, it got me mentioned under Friends of Mozilla.

Having more access to fix things somehow makes me feel responsible!







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