Pair Debugging with Byobu

Lately, I’ve been contributing to Mozilla Input. After writing a few small fixes, I started picking up the slightly not-small ones. My fixes ended up breaking tests. That’s when I ran into trouble. The Mozilla webdevs I’ve been working with use Mac and I use Ubuntu. With help from kumar and davedash, I tried debugging my setup to no avail. Long story short, we wanted to all be the same session and try to see the errors and use pdb.

Eventually, davedash gave me a user on an Ubuntu VPS where I set everything up. Since, the whole point of it was debugging this together, we debugged over byobu. Dave and I both logged into the same byobu session. It was just great for pair debugging. He waited while I setup everything and I watched how he was debugging. Perfect when your teammate is half a world away.







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